MeriemGroup Leader 
Admin | Cleaner | Typesetter | QCer
Jel Admin | Cleaner | Typesetter | QCer 
  Ty Admin | Proofreader | QCer 
Lady Nyx  Moderator | Typesetter 
ilovebhong Typesetter 
ashkarazi Proofreader | Typesetter 
куσυ   Proofreader 
blackcat013 Cleaner | Typesetter 
Kaira Proofreader | Typesetter
JomojoSan Cleaner | Typesetter


Green→ Active
Red→ Inactive

artmiss → Korean to English
Ayasa → Japanese to English
Ayumii → Japanese to English
Cameodalis → Chinese to English
Elone Lorelei → Vietnamese to English
EmmieBear9 (MaiAnh9) → Vietnamese to English
Faelin → French to English
Hally Dinh → Vietnamese to English
Hespia Klarerin → Korean to English (part-time)
Hisui Tears → Korean to English
ilovebhong → Korean to English
Jel→ Japanese to English
KurenaiHime → Japanese to English
Kwanji → Thai to English
nightscapture → Chinese to English
Meriem → French to English
paprika→ French | Japanese to English
RyuunoNamida→ Chinese to English
sanbyoushi→ Japanese to English
SmilingChipmunk → Chinese to English
Valerie145→ French| Vietnamese to English

those are the Nicknames that we'll use for the Credit page ,so everyone feel free to change them. There are more staffs that hasn't been listed.

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  1. loooooooove u guys so much ^^ keep doing a lot of amazing projects <3